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We will participate in the finals of the Startup Mentoring Program hosted by the Tokyo New Business Conference.


Press Release

Received investment from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.



Representative director has been replaced.



Head office moved to Chuo-ku, Tokyo. *YANMAR TOKYO



Company name changed to OrganTech, Inc. *formerly Organ Technologies, Inc.



Participated in the Startup Mentoring Program hosted by The Tokyo New Business Conference and received the Excellence Award.

Corporate Philosophy

We will engage in business activities for the world's first Japanese organ regeneration in the fields of regenerative medicine, life health care, and medical health care under the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the improvement of health and quality of life in people around the world through regenerative medicine for organs (21st century model) and wellness innovation.”


Miho Ogawa

OrganTech Inc. would like to help improve your health and quality of life through research and development of regenerative medicine. We want to contribute to the field of regenerative medicine as a new industry in Japan. We founded this company with such desire.

I became interested in becoming a researcher in the field of regenerative medicine when I was a student, watching the news about “Dolly”: a cloned sheep.
I have been conducting research and development hoping to bring new treatment methods to many patients through regenerative medicine.

The organ regeneration technology we have developed is “Organ Replacement Regenerative Medicine,” in which an organ that has lost its function due to disease or injury to be replaced entirely with an organ that has been artificially created outside the body.

Based on this technology, we hope to provide new treatment methods in the fields of hair regeneration and dentistry.

CEO: Miho Ogawa

Takashi Kondo

We would like to create the next-generation industry in Japan. OrganTech Inc. is taking on challenges of exploring the possibilities of new industries in Japan in the future.

Our technology is the result of the combination of delicateness, imagination, and diligent research that Japanese people have always been good at, and we hope to contribute to enriching people's lives by providing this technology to the world.

We will continue to pursue research and development in order to implement “Organ Replacement Regenerative Medicine” for various organs, hoping to become a company that can deliver such technology to people.

Takashi Kondo

Business Details


Creating functional organs

Based on the stem cells: which are the basis of various organs, we are conducting research and development as a pioneer in Japan's very first next-generation organ regenerative medicine industry, by providing technologies to the society which can contribute to the fields of hair and dental regenerative medicine.


Aging population and Increase in national healthcare costs

Japan is one of the world's most super-aged societies, and Japan's national healthcare costs are reaching their limits as a system. Thanks to the excellent system of the public health insurance for the whole nation, the position of the generation supporting the society and the generation being supported by the society has been reversed.
Therefore, efforts are expected to be made to implement a society with a pre-symptomatic state aiming to reduce the burden of national healthcare costs with government expenses.


Quality of life healthcare industry

Pre-symptomatic state is a type of healthcare, and among them all, the development of the “QOL medical industry” through self-paid care is a new, high value-added medical industry.
This creates a medical tourism due to the high level of medical care in Japan, but there are issues in terms of scientific evidence, and industrialization is required to clarify these issues.

Our Works

High value-added regenerative medical industry

We have developed “hair regenerative medicine” and “dental regenerative medicine by the newly medical equipment system” which are expanding in the global market. These treatments are expected to be implemented in the society worldwide as a QOL medical treatment with scientific evidence.
Furthermore, we will advocate a new concept of “regenerative medicine for everyone”, which helps to create a new track for the regenerative medicine toward industrialization. These social implementations are the world's first organ regenerative medicine originating in Japan, and we believe that they will contribute to the paradigm shift in the development of Japan's regenerative medicine industry as a marketable, high value-added medicine as part of Japan's revitalization strategy.

Hair Regeneration Medicine

Social Background

Hair plays an important role not only in biological functions such as protecting the body surfaces, controlling the body temperature, and receiving sensory, but also socially, as it influences the impression on one’s appearance. Therefore, the loss of hair due to congenital hyperplasia of hair follicles or acquired alopecia leads to a severe decrease in quality of life(QOL), both physically and mentally.

Fundamental Technology

OrganTech Inc. was the first in the world to successfully regenerate the hair follicle organ that produces hair. Hair follicle develop from the hair follicle organ primordia which is the base of the hair follicle, during the fetal stage. To reproduce this mechanism, a regenerated hair follicle primordium was created from the follicular epithelial and the mesenchymal stem cells (dermal papilla cells), transplanted to the area where there was no hair and succeeded in regenerating. This regenerated hair follicle connected properly to the nerves and arrector pili muscles and will regenerate(hair cycle) over a lifetime.

Fundamental Technology

Apply to Humans

Human have been suffering from many types of alopecia. Among them all, the mechanism of androgenic alopecia has been unraveled, and it has been defined that it is mainly caused by genetic factors. Differences in the type of follicle dermal papilla cells (located in the alopecia area and the back of the head) causes male hormones to be converted, which makes the coarse hair turn into baby hair.
OrganTech Inc. will begin its clinical research with androgenic alopecia. We will harvest hair follicles from the back of the head, amplify two types of cells which are the epithelial cells and the dermal papilla cells, and produce a regenerated hair follicle primordium from these cells. With the development of this unique technology, we made it possible to increase a single hair follicle 50 to 100 times.

Apply to Humans

Reference clip

Development of Next-Generation implants

Dental Function

Teeth play an important role not only in chewing food and speaking, but also in maintaining the oral hygiene which is deeply related to the general health. In particular, periodontium which locates in between the teeth and the alveolar bone, plays an important role in dental functions such as impact buffering, perception, and immune protection.

Challenges in Dental Treatment

Current dental treatment for missing a teeth include dentures, bridges, and oral implants which recover the function of biting with artificial materials. However, physiological functions such as bodily teeth movement and perception will not be recovered. Therefore, the development of biological treatments that will recover all the physiological functions of a natural teeth has been anticipated for a long time.

Next-Generation Implants

Current oral implants are to be implanted directly into the bones so periodontium does not exist in them. Therefore, many treatment-related issues have been reported such as the inability to perform orthodontic treatment or the inability to adapt implants to young patients whose jawbones are still in the progress of growth and is becoming a serious social issue. The new next-generation implant proposed by OrganTech Inc. will recover the periodontium surrounding the implant, making it possible to recover all the physiological functions of the teeth.

Next-gen Implants


Corporate Information

OrganTech, Inc.
(Former name: Organ Technologies, Inc.)
Date of Incorporation
April 21, 2008
Ten million yen (as of January 1, 2023)
Board Members
CEO: Miho Ogawa (Research & Development)
     Takashi Kondo (Business & Finance)
Director: Hiroki Iwatani
Head Office
12th Floor, 2-1-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0028
Business Details
  • Manufacture, sales, and import/export of medicine and materials for regenerative treatment
  • Consignment manufacture, sales, import/export of therapeutic cells, tissues and organs
  • Manufacture, sales, import/export, lease and maintenance of medical equipment and tools, industrial machinery and household appliance
  • Research and development of transplantation and regenerative medicine and technology transfer
  • Scientific examination, research and development related to medical care